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Corporate image agency in Barcelona


We are a corporate image and events agency in Barcelona to position your company or brand. We work as a white label, for SMEs and multinationals.

We help grow by applying the know-how acquired in our journey of more than 20 years. We create lasting relationships with your buyer persona, offering a high degree of satisfaction to our clients.

We position your brand and products through communication at the point of sale, online communication and events.


Market cuisine restaurant
Corporate image + interior and exterior signage

Disruptive ideas for innovative clients

Effective communication

Each project has unique characteristics, regardless of what you need in corporate communication, we are on the same team and we are an extension of your marketing department.

At Factoría Creativa we make sure to capture the particular characteristics of your business in the design of the corporate image of your brand with a professional design.

We are experts and great at:

Stand design
Web development
Digital marketing

Corporate image services

We combine the best communication and creativity strategies without equal, to create experiences that promote and adapt to the objectives of your brand.

Graphic design agency

As a graphic design agency we manage the corporate communication of your brand, providing added value.


Stand design

We carry out events, stands for fairs and ephemeral decoration to create unique experiences.


Spots and videos

Creativity to power. We will surprise you with the creation of your corporate, presentation or product spot or video.



Creation of graphic pieces
Stand and event design
Web development


Restoration brand
Creation of the logo and design of the brand's graphic pieces + interior design of the point of sale


Corporate image + merchandising + interior and exterior signage + web design

Innovative communication

Graphic design studio


As a graphic design studio in Barcelona, ​​we implement visibility for your brand. We lead from the beginning all the elements on which your corporate image is based, such as your logo, stand design or web design.

Our goal as a graphic design studio is that your brand identity (how you perceive it) matches the image it projects (how others perceive it).

At Factoria Creativa we develop the values ​​and tone of communication so that you achieve the best results in a manner consistent with the corporate identity that you transmit.


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Graphic design studio with innovative ideas.

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    What are the services of a graphic design studio?

    As a graphic design studio we position your brand and products as leaders in the sector. Everything must maintain the same fresh and surprising corporate communication.

    We design any communication element, from an internal magazine, point-of-sale catalogs, stand design, web page design. We give uniformity to your corporate image to transmit your brand values.

    What is the price of a graphic studio?

    A graphic design studio does not have fixed rates, it will depend on the work to be done on the brand image. If we make packaging, a catalog, as well as the characteristics of each one, the price of the graphic design may vary.

    How to choose a graphic design studio?

    When choosing a graphic design studio, we have to take into account a series of factors that guarantee their service: high quality website, references and success stories.

    All of this shows a high predisposition for the brand and offers important indicators to know and improve the results you can obtain. But the best thing is to go visit them, learn how they work, their facilities and the empathy they can transmit.

    Do you work on corporate image only with companies in Barcelona?

    The vast majority of our clients as a graphic design studio are based in Barcelona or Madrid, although we also work for clients in other cities such as Valencia, Andorra, Valencia, Sant Cugat, Valldoreix, Badalona, ​​Tarragona, Manresa, Mataró, Girona, Sant Cugat, Terrasa, Sabadell, Llinars de Vallés, Sitges, Vilafranca del Penedés or Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

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