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Corporate Videos in Barcelona

Reach your target audience differently, convey your values, and showcase your products. Creating a corporate video is the number one resource in communication.

Videos with drones, videos with a timeline, or traveling shots. We create a story to appeal to the emotions of our target audience, making them feel the need to make a purchase.

We create videos for small and large businesses as a differentiating element that adds that creative spark to make your commercial or video stand out and be remembered.


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Advantages of Creating a Video for Businesses

Attractive Brand Communication

With a corporate video, you will gain more traffic, as two-thirds of internet traffic is derived from videos. You can achieve a better SEO ranking on your website and greater brand awareness.

It’s an economical promotional tool that entertains. Corporate videos are easily shareable, allowing you to explain your products or services more accurately. With videos for social media, you obtain regular content, and it’s a non-intrusive medium.

We have creative professionals to provide that unique value in your corporate videos, videos for social media, or videos for fairs.


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Product Videos + Trade Show Videos

Video for Your Event or Trade Show


The first step is to develop an idea and decide on the most suitable format. We can come to your facilities and shoot footage, use stock footage, design 2D animated videos, etc.

Once we know what material we’ll use to build the video, we’ll design the storyboard, where through frames, you can visualize the video in a static way. This way, you can get a general idea of what the result will be like.

Our team will produce and edit the video for your event or trade show, including voiceover, music, post-production effects, 2D animations, etc.

A dynamic and attractive product video will be a great draw and will ensure it has an impact and captures the attention of potential customers, or it will strengthen the current perception they have of your brand or services.



Corporate videos, videos for trade shows or events, commercials. You choose how to make an impression

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    Why do you need a corporate video?

    Corporate videos are the best tool to convey your brand’s idea directly. They are the best medium to showcase your company’s values, adding value to your communication.

    How much does a corporate video cost?

    The production and complexity of a video vary depending on several factors: style, duration, format, resources used, etc. Each video is tailored to the communication needs of each client.

    If you want to know the approximate budget for your corporate video, contact us, and we will prepare a detailed study for the creation of your corporate video.

    What type of corporate videos does Factoría Creativa create?

    At Factoría Creativa, as expert creators of corporate videos, we will study your brand and its communication needs to create a video tailored to your communication strategy.

    Whether it’s a video for your website, an event, or your social media, we adapt to create valuable content in line with your brand’s personality.

    What does a corporate video bring to your brand?

    A corporate video will bring visibility and recognition to your brand. It is a very simple and direct way to convey your message.

    With a good corporate video, tailored to your message and the channel where it is broadcast, it will help you make a quick and effective impact on your potential customers.

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