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Graphic design agency in Barcelona

As a graphic design agency in Barcelona we provide disruptive ideas, communication and strategy.

We are very demanding in the quality of our work, we are proud of our work method and how we carry out responsible project management, continuous improvement is the fundamental pillar of Factoria Creativa.

Our methodology as a graphic design agency in Barcelona is to understand, develop and define strategic communication and innovative graphic materials to build brand values.


Cosmetics company
Creativity + development + strategy + packaging design

Logo design

We provide branding with brand value

We do logo design in Barcelona with passion. The creation of the brand image is the beginning of a story, the beginning of a project.

It has been more than 20 years developing a brand image and a fundamental part of this is the creation of the logo design. The logo design transmits our values, it is and has its own personality that we give it through graphic elements.

To work on the logo design we must think about the business niche based on the brand, the client, the competition, the opportunities and the threats.


Beverage sector
People Damm image creation + logo creation + commercial strategy + design of the brand's graphic pieces


Publishing sector for children and adolescents
Creation and design of the new editorial line of books and study packs with graphic pieces

Catalog design

Magazines, catalogues, company reports with innovative design

As catalog designers we seek to differentiate ourselves from the competition by creating innovative designs in the proposals we present. In catalog design we explain a story, it is one of the essential objectives to define graphic design.

Use current fonts, client photographs, a drone, a photo session or archive photos. Everything helps to improve the design, it is essential in the design of a catalog that breathes, is clean and has a clear reading.

The public reads less every day and we must dazzle with graphic resources, in the design of catalogs we must capture their attention so that they contact us.


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    How do we work on catalog design?

    For the design of digital or paper catalogues, magazines or brochures, at Factoría Creativa as a graphic design studio, we develop work guidelines to achieve success.
    Study of your business, objectives and competition, to be able to define the graphic line, communication and tone that we should use.
    Graphic Proposal
    Based on the analysis of the market and competition, the graphic proposal and communication style are made.
    Once the previous mockup is presented, the client comments on the presentation to reach a final mockup with the guidelines to follow for the design of the catalog.
    It is the most laborious part of the project where the catalog design is fully developed. Thanks to our experience, we advise during the layout and constantly monitor the project.
    Once the catalog design is approved, the originals are made to take to the printer, we advise you on which is the most appropriate and we can be at the machine.
    There is an optional step that would be to convert your physical catalog or magazine into a digital catalog where you can also perform countless functionalities such as integrating it into a database, automation, including videos or that can be purchased from the online catalog.

    Contact us for the design of catalogs, as well as other graphic materials such as internal or corporate magazines, etc. There are more than 20 years of experience as a graphic design studio.

    What is a graphic design studio?

    In our graphic design studio, we are fully aware of the importance of creating a quality design in line with the identity and values ​​of the brand.

    The main objective of creative design, at the marketing level, is to attract the attention of customers and be the main window of communication towards the consumer.

    Therefore, we can say that graphic design is the product’s presentation letter to the potential buyer. That is why the packaging must attract attention and be attractive: this allows the product to stand out from others.

    Factoria Creativa, as a design studio, we know that good graphic design is a safe bet, because the element lasts in the brand image of the product.

    What is a packaging design agency?

    At Factoría Creativa we carry out packaging design that transmits ideas with differential brand value. We seek to tell a story, a message that transmits a feeling.

    Our team of packaging design specialists work together to achieve designs with brand differentiating value. This team is a packaging agency.

    What moves us to choose a product from the shelf? In seconds the potential customer obtains a perception of the product, so choosing the right design and packaging materials will serve to convey the message we intend.

    As a leading packaging design agency we work from the conception of the idea to the launch of the packaging. We choose fonts, design, materials and follow up on the pack production process.

    In which geographical area do you work as a graphic design agency?

    The vast majority of our graphic design agency is based in Barcelona or Madrid, although we also work for clients in other cities such as Valencia, Andorra, Valencia, Sant Cugat, Valldoreix, Badalona, ​​Tarragona, Manresa, Mataró, Girona, Sant Cugat, Terrasa, Sabadell, Llinars de Vallés, Sitges, Vilafranca del Penedés or Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

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