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Online shop design in Barcelona

We develop modern and attractive online shops focused on sales. At Factoría Creativa, we design intuitive and fast online shops, programmed in Woocommerce or Prestashop.

Our ecommerce agency develops customised online shops, working on their SEO positioning, launching SEM campaigns and virtual shops.

We start with a user experience study (UX), we study the competition and we look for the target audience to generate effective sales funnels. The design of an online shop without good planning does not add value.


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Online shop

Ecommerce Agency

Your customised online shop

Our differential value as an ecommerce agency in the development of online shops is the customised, scalable and self-manageable creation. In this way, our clients can manage their ecommerce easily.

Our customised ecommerce shops always have fundamental characteristics such as: a design adapted to your brand, the possibility of being able to access from any device, and being intuitive so that the user experience is positive.

The customised online shops we design include all the functionalities, they can be managed from anywhere 24 hours a day, controlling stock, invoicing, sending communications, automating processes, or making changes to any element without any knowledge of web programming.


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Orthopaedic sector
B2C online shops for shopping centres

Online shops with Wordpress

Design based on user experience

Online shop development with WordPress

The development of online shops with WordPress + Wocommerce is easy to manage and scalable. You can add, delete or edit pages and products quickly, as well as upload products easily.

Our designs adapt perfectly to computers, mobiles and tablets.

You can upload as many products as you want without any limit.

We introduce a payment gateway so that your customers can pay with Paypal, credit card or stripe.

In WordPress online shops you will be able to analyse your online sales thanks to the reports function that we incorporate.


Shall we talk about your online shop?

As an ecommerce agency we offer the best service in the development of online shops in Barcelona.

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    What is online shop design?

    The online shop design is a digital platform on which products are sold. The customer sees the items available through images or videos, reads the features they offer and pays for what they want to buy through an electronic payment gateway.

    Online shops in Barcelona

    Selling on the internet is not only about having an online shop. As an ecommerce agency, at Factoria Creativa we develop online shops in Barcelona so that you get the best business. If you create an online business with us, you will be investing in quality to get the best results.

    What is the difference between a website and an online shop?

    The main difference between a conventional website and an online shop is that in an online shop the user makes a purchase of products or services within the same website.

    We speak of an online shop whenever a website offers the possibility of a transaction, i.e. an online sale of products. A website is a corporate website, or a website that makes your products known, but does not make any sales. On the other hand, in an online shop there is a transactional action.

    We create online shops for both B2B and B2C companies.

    How to be successful with an online shop?

    In order for your online shop to achieve its goals, you first need to add a good graphic design to enhance your brand image, a customised programming as well as a good SEO strategy.

    To ensure the success of your online shop, you should also allocate a budget for the creation of advertising campaigns to help you generate traffic to your online shop.

    Can I have an online shop in different languages?

    By creating your online shop with Factoria Creativa, you will be able to translate it into as many languages as necessary, to guarantee the presence of your business in international markets.

    Without a doubt, having an online store accessible to users from different nationalities expands its geographical reach, with the possibility of achieving a greater number of sales through the internet. It’s a very good option to internationalize a local business.

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