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Web design Barcelona is a methodology for creating websites and online stores. Factoria Creativa is your web design agency with over 20 years of experience in communication. We create web pages using our own methodology and custom programming.

We conduct a preliminary audit to achieve the UX (User Experience), perform KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and web architecture studies. Subsequently, we carry out web design and custom programming to achieve the best results in SEO web design.

Our web developments are oriented towards success. Throughout the project, we work with the best technologies in web design, SEO analytics, and web programming, always focusing on the user experience (UX).

Take your business to new heights from anywhere on the planet with love and our web development.

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The web design process in Barcelona requires a unique methodology to achieve the best results. As a web design company, we create websites that stand out for their creativity and elegance, but also for their custom programming to achieve a truly SEO-friendly website.

We aim to convey the tone and values of the brand or products in an elegant and innovative way, along with custom web programming and a solid digital marketing strategy.

This is how we define the process of our web design agency:

Web audit

Web design

Custom programming

SEO positioning

Creation of websites

Custom programming for the creation of unique websites

Online stores

We design and develop online stores with Woocommerce or Prestashop, with all the functionalities or integrations you need.


Web development

Custom programming with WordPress, Elementor, Bootstrap, or Ionic. You decide the objectives, and we provide custom web programming.


Corporate web design

We create corporate websites and online stores. We leverage our experience as a web design company to make them unique.



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Web agency Barcelona

Professional web design with the best results

We take care of your business by adding value.

As a web agency in Barcelona, we combine 20 years of experience in graphic design, custom web programming, and SEO strategy to achieve the best results.

We help your business succeed by providing professional web design as a web design agency with a high level of technology. The importance of a quality SEO website determines the outcome of your goals.

We have worked as a web design agency with clients of all B2B and B2C profiles. Each website is a challenge for us, and seeking the best result is our destination.


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    How do we understand SEO web design?

    As a web development agency, we create scalable, secure, and optimized websites to achieve the best results.

    SEO web design involves creating web pages designed with custom code, without templates, with a focus on user experience and the implementation of good on-page SEO to enable rapid ranking on Google.

    Creating this type of web page provides a significant advantage in positioning your website on the internet because the importance of ranking on Google is greater than simply having a website. Having a website is of no use if you are not in the top search positions.

    The web design industry in Barcelona is highly competitive, and we work to deliver the best results in creating websites with outstanding outcomes.

    What should I consider before creating a professional web design?

    To create the design of a website, we must first study and analyze the objective we want to achieve in order to align all design, development, and programming actions toward the desired result.

    As a web design company, we need to keep in mind the following factors for professional web design:

    • The market niche in which you want to compete.
    • Select a hosting service that meets your traffic needs.
    • Choose the platform you want to work with.
    • Select a Content Management System (CMS); at Factoria Creativa, we recommend using WordPress.
    • We work on the design of your website, ensuring the best user experience.
    • We generate quality content for quick SEO positioning.

    How to choose the best web agency in Barcelona?

    Choosing a web design agency in Barcelona is a crucial task to ensure your online business achieves the best results. Therefore, our choice should be based on knowledge, experience, programming, as well as their organic positioning.

    The best web design company

    Factoria Creativa has 20 years of experience in executing national and international projects as a web design agency. For this reason, it is considered one of the best web design agencies in Barcelona.

    Where do you offer services as a web development agency?

    The majority of our clients as a web development agency are based in Barcelona or Madrid. However, we also work with clients in other cities such as Valencia, Andorra, Sant Cugat, Valldoreix, Badalona, Tarragona, Manresa, Mataró, Girona, Terrasa, Sabadell, Llinars de Vallés, Sitges, Vilafranca del Penedés, or Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

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